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American Greetings Champions the Written Word for National Card and Letter Writing Month

Cleveland, OH (April 18, 2018) – Like a fingerprint or eye color, each person’s handwriting is one-of-a-kind, and sharing this unique part of yourself gives you a special power. In a time when birthday wishes have been stripped down to only three letters (hbd) and major announcements are posted online before calling your family with the good news, connecting with someone via a handwritten card or letter gives you the ability to instantly improve their mood, make them feel loved, or let them know they are not alone.

This April, American Greetings is celebrating National Card and Letter Writing Month by showcasing the importance and impact of handwritten communication as a highly-effective tool to connect with others in today’s digital world. In addition to helpful “What to Write” guides and creative tips for addressing an envelope, the meaningful connections company launched the first video in a series titled “Every Card Has a Story” that illustrates how the personal narratives of each relationship can be brought to life with a greeting card. These stories and many more like them are what inspire our writers and artists every day.

“Writing is a powerful vehicle for connecting,” said Patrice Molnar, director of corporate communications at American Greetings. “Younger generations have only known a world where integrated technology and digital communications are a pervasive part of daily life. National Card and Letter Writing Month is the perfect time to remind everyone that the benefits of self-expression, literacy, gratitude and real, human connections go far beyond any one generation or holiday.”

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What makes handwritten letters so special?

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